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How are people usually drawn to therianthropy - how do they discover or decide that they're therian?

That can happen in many different ways. A lot of therians can recall identifying with animals from a very early age, though it can be hard to separate that from childhood "make-believe" games. One of the ways in which people sometimes find it to be more than that is that they don't find themselves growing out of it as expected when they grow older.

For other people, it can be something that happens later in life. Dreams are a common form of discovery - many therians first experience the sense of "shifting" into animal form while dreaming.

Some come to it through meditation and ritual exploration. A fair number of pagan and/or magical paths involve some form of work with animal spirits or spiritual shapeshifting, and some people who explore that may find that a particular animal resonates much more strongly for them than others, or that a totem animal comes to feel more internal than external, and come to therianthropy that way.

And for others, it may happen completely spontaneously, by experiencing a mental or spiritual shift in any of a variety of circumstances, from wilderness camping to looking at zoo animals. Or it may be that their animal-identification has been present in subtle ways for a long time, and that it's discovering the therian community or reading about the concept that prompts them to start thinking about it more consciously.

Overall, there are probably as many ways of discovering or being drawn to therianthropy as there are therians.

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