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Where do you draw the line between being therian and just liking, or feeling you have something in common with, a particular kind of animal?

I don't know that there is a distinct line to be drawn - to me, it's more of a continuum. But some of the factors that might place one more toward the therian end of that spectrum would include:
  • A strong and lasting interest in a particular kind of animal.
  • A feeling of identification with it - you don't just like the animal, you feel you are like the animal; that part of your nature partakes of the nature that animal.
  • For many, being able to (whether deliberately or not) "shift" into animal-mind, into feeling more intensely like your animal than usual.
  • For some, finding yourself taking on the animal's form in dreams, or in meditative journeys.
These are just some of the possibilities -- not every therian will experience all of these things, and not every non-therian won't. Ultimately, whether and at what point you choose to define your experience as therian is your choice.

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