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Are the animals therians identify with always carnivorous? It sometimes seems that way...

This is somewhat related to the "charismatic megafauna" question, and much of what I wrote for that one applies here to.

But I will also add that some scholars believe the myths of shapeshifters and were-beasts may have originated in some form of shamanic hunting magic. If you look at the most prevalent shapeshifter legends in various areas, they usually concern one of the top predators in that ecosystem: wolves and bears in Europe, tigers in Asia, leopards in African, jaguars in Central America, and so on. It may be that these legends originated in an attempt by humans in those regions to cultivate a spiritual identification with those creatures whose prowess in hunting was most admired.

Even the selkies of coastal Ireland fit that model to some extent, because fishing rather than hunting would have been the primary mode of subsistence there, and seals are excellent fishers.

Since the were-beast legends are a major source of inspiration for many therians, it's only natural that the types of animals most likely to be the focus of those legends occur frequently in the therian community.

But there are exceptions. I've personally known a rabbit therian and a couple of horses. However, this does tend to be fairly rare.

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