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Isn't this kind of a flaky topic for an otherwise serious, intellectual web site to be dealing with?

That's very much an individual judgement call. There are undoubtedly some people who might be drawn to other areas of this site, like the Forest or Commons, who would regard everything in the Temple section as flaky, because they don't have an interest in spirituality and see it as a distraction from "serious" environmental or political issues. And among those drawn to the temple, there are going to be cultural reconstructionists of various sorts who think Wiccans are shallow fluff-bunnies, Wiccans who think chaos magicians are Cthulhu-summoning psychos, and many other people who in one way or another look askance on one or more of the topics dealt with on this site.

Any site which deals with a diverse array of non-mainstream ideas is going to run into that to some degree. Because someone finds themselves or their politics, sexuality or spirituality to be outside the bounds of "normality" in one sense or another doesn't mean they're going to automatically like or accept every other non-mainstream idea or identity, nor should they feel expected to. The bottom line is: if a particular topic dealt with on this site doesn't appeal to you, no one's forcing you to read about it.

Having said that, part of the reason I created this particular FAQ is that a lot of the available resources on therianthropy can come across as a little flaky even to someone like me who has one foot (paw?) in the community myself. A lot of them play up the were-animal mystique, either for shock value or out of a genuine attraction to that archetype, in the same way a lot of early Wiccan resources did with the idea of "witches". So I felt there was a need for a little more serious, in-depth, non-sensationalist material dealing with the topic. And hopefully, non-therians who do stick around long enough to read this may find it's a little less flaky than they'd thought.

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