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Last question: are you, the keeper of this FAQ and web site, a therian? If so, what kind?

To the first question, yes. And to the second, I've been known to answer "the kind that doesn't like labels".

Fortunately, it is possible to pin down my experience with and interest in therianthropy a little more specifically than that. The sort of labels I dislike are those that try to slot people into artificially distinct categories that sometimes do more to alienate us from our experience than to further our understanding of it. Some people within the therian community are very fond of coming up with endless lists of pseudo-scientific terms aimed at labelling and categorizing every variety of therian experience, and then treat these terms as if they were realities in themselves rather than efforts to describe various facets of a type of experience that often defies description. So I am not particularly interested in labels like "polywere", "contherianthrope", etc., even though some people might consider some of them to apply to me.

On the species front, I'm probably a little easier to characterize. The primary animal I identify with is lynx -- some readers will have noticed in some of the articles in the temple that I used to use the online name Lynx Canadensis in the alt.horror.werewolves newsgroup, and I still use the name Miss Lynx in a few places. But to a lesser extent I tend to feel connected to many other felines, and I have also felt a certain connection to some canines at times, including wolves, coyotes and some kinds of domestic dog. Beyond that, there are certain other species I've occasionally felt an identification with, such as owls and seals, but not on a continuous enough basis for it to form a strong part of my identity at this time.

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