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So how come you don't have any spells on this site? I want to turn my math teacher into a toad.

There are a million and one sites out there offering spells — the focus of this site is information and ideas, not how-to's.

Secondly, magic in real life doesn't tend to be anywhere near as dramatic as the sort of thing you see on Charmed or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Magic works in terms of probabilities, not certainties — you can never guarantee that something you do a spell for is going to happen, you can only enhance the chances of it happening. The chance of magic working is always related to the chance of the result you want happening without the magic.

So if you do a spell to get a job, while at the same time you are actively looking for one — taking your resume around to potential employers, registering on job search sites, and so on — there is already a reasonable chance of your finding a job, so magic can act to enhance that chance, making it more likely that you will find a job that suits you within a reasonable period of time. However, if there's little or no chance of something happening to begin with — you winning the lottery, say, or your math teacher spontaneously turning into a toad — then enhancing the chances of that happening isn't going to make much difference. Ten times zero is still zero...

It's also worth noting that magic is not a substitute for dealing with your problems in daily life (or for having a life, for that matter). The job spell referred to above wouldn't work well if you weren't actually looking for one, and a spell to attract a lover probably won't work if you have no social life or major personal hygiene problems. Too many beginners look to magic to solve all their problems with no further effort on their part, and it just doesn't work that way. In general, it's always best to look first to what you can do about your problem in mundane life first, and then, if you still want to use magic, use it to enhance or strengthen the efforts you are already making there.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there's the matter of magical ethics. There are a variety of views on this, as with most things in Wicca, but there are a few fundamental principles that are generally agreed on. One of them is that, as we mentioned before, it is a bad idea to use magic to harm others. Magic is not an excuse to get away with doing something that would be wrong or dangerous in ordinary life. If, for example, you'd consider it wrong to try to kill someone with a weapon, then it's also wrong for you to try and do it with a spell.

Another commonly agreed-upon principle is that it's not a good idea to constrain the free will of another person — unless it's absolutely necessary to prevent them from harming someone else. And even then, some do not feel it's acceptable — like we said before, opinions do vary. So while most Wiccans would agree that it's wrong to do a spell to try and force someone else to fall in love with you or have sex with you — that's basically the magical equivalent of rape — there would be considerably more disagreement on whether it's right to do a spell to stop a rapist. Some would say it's never acceptable to interfere magically with someone else's free will, while others would argue that we do that in daily life when we put people in jail to stop them from committing violent crimes, and that using magic for the same purpose is no different.

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