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Does that fertility religion stuff mean it's just for heterosexuals, or people who want to have babies?

Not at all. Most Wiccan traditions are open to anyone of any sexual orientation, and in fact there are some that are specifically geared toward gays and lesbians. Some groups, be they gay- and lesbian-oriented or not, are made up of men only or women only, so polarity doesn't tend to be an issue at all there. Regarding sexuality, it's probably safe to say that the majority of Wiccans would agree with Mrs. Patrick Campbell's famous quote that she didn't care that what anyone did in the bedroom, "as long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses."

In terms of ritual, different Wiccan traditions (and individuals) vary considerably both in the amount of emphasis they place on polarity and in the extent to which they view it as pertaining to physical gender, or metaphysical energies. Those who feel closer to the folk magic side of Wicca's heritage may emphasize the fertility religion aspect, and have very different roles for men and women in ritual. Those who feel closer to the ceremonialist side are more likely to de-emphasize gender in ritual and view polarity as predominantly metaphysical. But many other factors can affect this as well.

Some gay and lesbian Wiccans don't mind working in polarity-based traditions, while others prefer either a single-gender group, or a mixed-gender that either doesn't deal much with polarity or views it as primarily metaphysical. Fortunately, the Wiccan community is large and diverse enough that with a bit of searching, just about anyone can find a group that meets their needs.

Regarding physical fertility or intent to have children, very few Wiccan traditions place any importance on that. Most regard childbirth as a joyous occasion, and many have special rites of passage for expectant parents, but few if any would make an issue of someone being unable to have children, or simply uninterested in doing so.

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