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But I've heard some people call Wicca a "goddess religion". Wouldn't that mean it was mainly for women?

Well, the Goddess is certainly a major part of Wicca, and many women are drawn to it for that reason. But the Goddess isn't all there is to Wiccan theology, and women are not the only people drawn to the Craft.

Most Wiccans would probably agree that mainstream Western society has had a big overemphasis on the male face of divinity for a long time, and that the balance needs to be restored. But different traditions, and individuals, vary considerably as to how they feel that should be done. Some traditions do strongly emphasize the Goddess because they feel that is necessary to redress the balance, and some of those trads are primarily or exclusively made up of women. But others believe that countering inequality with more inequality is counterproductive, and prefer to emphasize the God and Goddess equally.

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