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What kind of afterlife do Wiccans believe in?

Given the cyclical and interconnected nature of the Wiccan worldview, most Wiccans believe in reincarnation of some form — but vary considerably as to the details. Some believe that people progress directly from one life to the next, whereas others believe that at least some time between lives is passed within another realm, sometimes called the Summerland (a term originally coined by the Theosophical movement of the 19th century). Wiccans who choose to work primarily with the deities of one specific culture will often use the terms and concepts of that culture with regard to the afterlife, so that a Norse-influenced Wiccan may look forward to Valhalla, a Celtic one to Tír na nÓg, etc.

It is generally believed that karma — the consequences of actions — accumulated during one life can carry on to the next, so the life situation one is born into may be influenced by the events of past lives. Thus, one could find a parallel to the concepts of Heaven and Hell in the belief that one's future lives may be more or less pleasant, depending upon one's actions in this one. Many Wiccans also believe that souls exercise some degree of choice in the types of incarnations they have, in order to learn lessons, or expose themselves to particular experiences. However, not all Wiccans feel that everything is predetermined by either choices or consequences of past actions; many believe that there is also at least some element of random chance.

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