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Where does Wicca come from? How old is it? I've heard some people say it's the oldest religion in the world, and other people say it was made up by some British weirdo(s) in the '30s. Or '40s. Or '50s. No two books seem to quite ag

That depends on who you ask. The precise age and origins of Wicca are a topic of much controversy, both within and outside the Wiccan community. Most people agree that Wiccan belief and practice is a blend of old and new that is, that some aspects of it are derived from pre-Christian paganism while others are clearly of 19th century or later origin but where disagreement sets in is in exactly how much is new as compared to old, and whether the older elements were inherited from an existing tradition dating back to pre-Christian times, or were reconstructed in the early 20th century by people who wanted to bring back "the Old Religion", even if they had to reinvent it to do so.

Entire books have been written on this topic, and we don't intend to try and settle it here. Suffice it to say that asking this question of a group of Wiccans in a social setting is a good way to spark an argument that will last all night, and when it comes right down to it, the one thing they will all agree on is that ultimately, the most important thing is that Wicca exists here and now, not how it got here.

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