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So if all this sounds right to me, how do I become a Wiccan?

There's no central committee determining who is or isn't a Wiccan, so the decision as to whether and at what point to consider yourself Wiccan is largely up to you. Some traditionalist groups do not consider someone a Wiccan until they are initiated by an existing coven, while other groups consider anyone who follows a Wiccan belief system to be Wiccan. There are many people whose religious beliefs fit closely with Wicca, yet who for a variety of reasons choose not to follow an initiatory path. That is part of the reason an increasing number of groups are offering public circles and classes.

If you are considering Wicca as a spiritual path, the first things you should do are to read as much as you can about it, and think about what you read: does it mesh with your own beliefs and perceptions? What do you believe? How do you feel the world works, and what is your place in it? What do you value; what do you hold sacred? Do these fit with what you've been reading about Wicca?

Whether you ultimately want to study with an established group (be that us or anyone else) towards initiation, or simply practice your faith on your own, research, thinking and questioning always come first. You will benefit more from any group's teaching if you have already done some study on your own and have some idea what you as an individual believe.

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