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There isn't a Wiccan group in my area. Is there a way I can learn on my own?

Yes, by following the same process outlined under "How do I become a Wiccan?" — read, think and question. Even if there are no occult shops in your area, you can find a lot of good pagan books at online stores such as Amazon.ca and Chapters.Indigo.ca.

You may also find it useful to participate in online discussion forums or mailing lists, to exchange ideas with others. Unfortunately, a lot of the available forums tend to be fairly shallow, and mainly populated by people searching for magical quick-fixes for their problems, so it may take some searching to find a good one. We've listed some online resources we find useful in our links section.

Once you feel ready to start practicing, there are many ways of doing ritual on your own. A number of books out there are specifically geared toward solitary practitioners, such as Doreen Valiente's Witchcraft for Tomorrow, Marian Green's A Witch Alone, and Scott Cunningham's Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner. All these writers come from different traditions and philosophical approaches, so you may need to do some reading and experimenting to find what suits your preferences and style.

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