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What if my parents don't approve?

That's a difficult situation. It can be very frustrating not to be able to explore the spiritual path that you wish to, but legally, your parents have the right to direct your religious education until you're 18, at least in Canada — if you're located somewhere else, check the laws in your area.

We do encourage young people to try to work out their differences with their parents and reach some compromise with them, even if it's just that you can read what you want but can't actively practice as long as you're living with them. But if your parents are really hostile to Wicca, you may not even be able to do that.

If your parents are adamantly opposed to you even reading about Wicca, then you may simply have to wait it out... 18 may seem a long way off, but you'll get there eventually and from that point on, your religious education is entirely up to you.

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