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Is Wicca a legally recognized religion?

That depends on where you live, and what you mean by that term. Most countries recognize religious organizations, rather than religions as such, so while there may be a number of recognized Wiccan organizations in a given country, that doesn't necessarily mean that a new Wiccan group starting tomorrow would enjoy the same level of recognition.

Also, in some countries (including Canada, where this site is based), legal recognition is a complex and multi-staged process. It is quite possible to be recognized by some branches of government but not others, so that a Wiccan group might be authorized to serve as prison chaplains, but not to perform legal marriages.

To find out the legal status of Wicca where you live, check your local laws, or contact a Wiccan organization in your area — Witches of the World is a good place to find listings. There is also an article on the legal status of Wicca in Canada on the Wiccan Church of Canada web site.

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