January 2006

Well, apparently among the little glitches in the wake of the new design is one big glitch: people who try to register on the forums are being told they haven’t agreed to the terms of service, but they aren’t being given any opportunity to agree to them! So basically no one can register on the forums right now.

I’ve tried without success to sort this out, and now have a post in the Quicksilver support forums asking if anyone else there has run into this. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed soon — stay tuned. In the meantime, my apologies to anyone who’s tried to register and run into this.

The new design is up! And I’ve customized the design of this blog, the forums and the
FAQ to match (well, OK, the blog only sort of matches, but I like this theme a lot and it looks good with my title graphic, so what the hell…).

The web reviews are being really ornery — the script I’m using there works with something called “smarty templates” (I think they’re also used in Xoops), which choke and die if you attempt to embed any PHP in them. And yes, contrary to appearances — I know the pages all still say .html at the end outside of the areas like this one that use third-party scripts — the new design is heavily PHP based. I used an htaccess file to allow HTML files to interpret PHP so I wouldn’t have to break every incoming link into my site by changing the ending of the files to .php. So that part still looks really blah.