Some kind and thoughtful individual hacked the forums, so they are temporarily disabled while I see if my host has a recent backup of the database they run on, or if I have to go through it with fine-toothed comb and repair all the damage from scratch.

Note to self: Next time phpBB puts out a security upgrade, install the damn thing right away. Even though phpBB’s lack of a module/plug-in system like WordPress and, well, nearly everything else has means that every feature you want to add has to be done by modifying the actual code, thus making upgrades a tremendous pain in the ass.

Note to self the second: There is a command called “Backup Database” in the admin. Use it once in a while, damn it.

Note to self the third: Maybe I should find a different forum script, which has a better way of allowing modifications than requiring endless PHP code editing…. Oh well. Trying to convert the entire site over to Drupal anyway, so I guess that will take care of itself.