Temple News

For those who were at either of my two presentations at the 9th International Conference on Bisexuality, Gender, and Sexual Diversity (a.k.a. 9ICB), or who weren’t but are curious about what went on there, I’ve uploaded my notes:


I was on a panel on sex-positive spiritualities, along with Brian Walsh, Luigi Ferrer and Loraine Hutchins, and also did a workshop on creating online communities.

Canadian Pagan Survey 2005-6

Síân Reid, a researcher in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University in Ottawa, is conduction a survey on neopagans in Canada and their experiences, as a follow-up to her original research ten years ago which resulted in her PhD dissertation, Disorganized Religion: An Exploration of the Neopagan Craft in Canada (2001). The survey is completely anonymous and respondents may choose to answer only the questions they feel comfortable with.