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Ethical Laws

As taught in the Wiccan Church of Canada's Tuesday Night Class on Laws & Ethics.
Precise origin unknown.

  1. Do nothing that will harm another being unless you are willing to suffer like or greater harm.

  2. Do not bind any free being unless you are willing to be likewise bound.

  3. Do not use your arts for pride or vainglory. Using magic to show off usually results in unwanted mental distraction in the operation, which brings an undesirable backlash.

  4. Never threaten what you will not do.

  5. Do not set a price on magical work. If you need money before you will consider doing a spell, then you are not prepared to accept the consequences of doing it.

  6. Use no symbol, spell, or incantation whose meaning you do not understand clearly and completely, as to its mechanics, content, and intent. A lack in any one of these areas could be extremely dangerous to you and/or others.

  7. Never do a spell without first using meditation and/or divination to determine whether you should do it and exactly what needs to be done.


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