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Crafting The Art Of Magic:
A Critical Review

By D. Hudson Frew (Morgann)

Copyright 1991 by D. Hudson Frew.
Used by permission of the author.

Post scriptum

Prospective readers should also be aware that Kelly's book has no index. This only adds to the difficulty of checking his cross-references.
 I must say that I am amazed that Llewellyn felt that Kelly's manuscript was up to their journalistic standards. I can only hope that they will more carefully review and fact-check Kelly's manuscript for Crafting the Art of Magic Vol. 2, dealing as it will with living, and possibly litigious, people.


The views expressed above are those of the reviewer, but I would like to extend my grateful thanks to those friends and associates who reviewed this paper before publication, offering helpful suggestions: Thank you Tom Johnson, Runach, Gus di Zerega, Ira Steingroot, and Josh Bacon.
 Also, to be fair, I would like to thank Aidan Kelly for honoring the oath taken from him at his Gardnerian 1st Degree Initiation. He swore at that time that he would not publish any Gardnerian material that he received after being initiated, unless that material had already been published elsewhere. As far as I can tell, he has scrupulously honored that oath.

— D. Hudson Frew, July 1st, 1991



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