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NROOGD (?) Laws of the Craft

This is the shortest set of Craft Laws I've ever seen, and probably my personal favourite. Margot Adler, in her book Drawing Down the Moon, credits it to the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn, but NROOGD initiates I've spoken with say that although several of these appear to be derived from theirs, they haven't seen them put together in this particular combination before. The NROOGD, by the way, is not a Golden Dawn group, but an eclectic Wiccan tradition. Isaac Bonewits once referred to it as "the long-haired hippy tradition of the Craft". And no, I don't know why they chose that name...

  1. An it harm none, do as ye will.

  2. You may not alter another's life/karma without his or her permission.

  3. Solve the problem, no more, no less.

  4. You must help your brothers & sisters in the Craft as best you can.

  5. If you stick your hand in a flame, you'll get burned.


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