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Standard Odyssean Wine Blessing

Copyright 1979 (or thereabouts) by the Wiccan Church of Canada.
Please do not reproduce without permission.

This is the standard Odyssean wine blessing as used by the Wiccan Church of Canada. In the nine years since I wrote "Dealing with Dualism", alternate wine blessings of various kinds have become more common at WCC rituals, but this one is still the most frequently used.

The male holds the power,
And is the reservoir of the power.
The female taps the power in him
And channels it.
Neither one can work without the other.
One without the other is incomplete.
The Horned God is a God of Life and of Death.
And the Goddess is of Birth and Renewal.
To learn you must suffer,
To live you must be born,
To be born you must die.
The beginning, the continuation, and the end, over and over.
The Sun brings forth light.
And the Moon holds it in darkness.
As above,
So below.
And as the athamé is to the male,
So the chalice is to the female.
And conjoined they be one in truth,
For there is no greater power in all the world
Than that of a man and a woman
Joined in the bonds of love.

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