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I saw which was the winning side
And still I joined the other
And I'm in love with every strange unfolding day
As the storm begins to break cover.

New Model Army

The Commons library is not nearly as large as that of some of the other areas of Wild Ideas (notably the Calyx and the Temple), but it's slowly beginning to accumulate some content. Over time I'll be uploading some articles and things, particularly from Kick It Over, the anarchist magazine I used to write for (though I haven't considered myself an anarchist for many years now. But here's a brief listing of what's here right now.

The newest additions are three accounts of the 2001 protests in Quebec City against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA), one by a philosophy student, union activist and Druid; one by a volunteer street medic that shows the true extent of the police violence and the injuries suffered by protesters; and one by a video activist and documentary filmmaker who was harrassed by police and had video work confiscated and computer damagaed almost as soon as he arrived in the city.

Then there are these messages from the IMBAS mailing list, two by me and one by Kent Jewell. The IMBAS list is focussed on Celtic paganism, but occasionally discussion veers off in a more political direction, such as in the messages above.

Elsewhere, one of the essays that can be found in the Forest, while centred on an environmental protest (the 1996 Owain Lake blockade in Temagami), has important implications for other kinds of activists as well:

  • Power and Trust: Should Activists Negotiate with Police? A Case Study (Note: this document is 40k in size. Eventually I intend to break up all the long essays on this site into shorter segments, but it will probably be a while.)

Plus, there's the archive of messages on Net censorship from the now-defunct Toronto Webgrrls mailing list. A while back, there was a heated debate on the ethics of filtering software, the limits of parental control, and what methods might be necessary or acceptable in the fight to prevent government control of the Net. This is a collection of 13 messages on the topic that represent some very valuable and thought-provoking debate.


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