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Wilderness... We scarcely know what we mean by the term, but the sound of it draws all whose nerves and emotions have not yet been irreparably stunned, deadened, numbed by the caterwauling of commerce, the sweating scramble for profit and domination.

Edward Abbey

You are now entering the Forest, perhaps the wildest part of Wild Ideas. Ecology and environmental issues are the focus here, particularly the defence of wilderness — as both concept and place (to quote the masthead of Wild Earth magazine), deep ecology, biodiversity, conservation biology, bioregionalism, ecophilosophy and environmental ethics.

The Forest can be viewed as a stand-alone site, but as mentioned above, it is also part of a larger entity called Wild Ideas, which is an online exploration of the Wild in all its forms, not only the familiar sense of wilderness and wild nature that is explored here, but also looser interpretations in the contexts of spirituality, sexuality, politics and consciousness.

But while the other strands in Wild Ideas are certainly important, and some have come to hold more content than this one, the Forest remains, in some senses, the heart of the site, for environmental issues and wilderness protection were the original raison d’être of the site when it first took shape in the RainForest area of GeoCities, lo these many years ago...

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