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Some say the Gods are just a myth
But guess who I've been dancing with...

The Waterboys

Welcome to the Temple, wherein is explored the spirituality that stems from wildness — religion that is lived, felt and experienced rather than simply believed in real and ecstatic and visceral. Wicca, neo-paganism, ecospirituality, shamanism, totemism, shapeshifting, therianthropy, nature magic, animal and plant lore, and earth-based spirituality of all kinds.

The Temple can be viewed as a stand-alone site, but it is also part of a larger entity called Wild Ideas, an online celebration of the Wild in all its forms, from the familiar sense of wilderness and wild nature, to looser interpretations in the contexts of spirituality, sexuality, politics and consciousness. The Temple is also still somewhat under construction at this point; some areas still contain “placeholder” pages, but I will be replacing those with real content as soon as I can. The process of restructuring and redesigning such a large site has been more of an uphill battle than I had anticipated!

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Regarding navigation, the menu at the top, just below the title graphic, shows the other areas of Wild Ideas. The menu at left shows the different sections of the Temple.

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Wild Ideas has just undergone a major redesign and restructuring, and may still be a little rough around the edges. Please bear with us as we get things sorted out.