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  Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

— Groucho Marx

All right, I haven't done too well over the past few years at getting any actual content into the book review sections of this site. But following the redesign, I'm going to be trying to put more effort into updating and adding to the content of the site. I read like a maniac, so you'd think book reviews would be one of the easier areas to keep up with. I guess we'll see.

For those interested in buying reviewed books online, the Chapters.ca affiliate program I had signed up with originally has sadly been scrapped -- when they were bought out by Indigo, the new company for some bizarre reason decided to end Chapters' very nice, easy to use affiliate program and replace it with Indigo's thoroughly useless one, which doesn't let you link to individual book titles at all. So I've relucantly signed up with Amazon.ca instead. I'd have preferred a made-in-Canada solution, but there isn't one any more.

I've temporarily removed the lists of books I was planning to review until I get a chance to upate all the links. Hopefully I'll have some new lists, with actual reviews, up soon. This would also be a good place to mention that I'm always open to receiving book reviews contributed by other people...


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