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I'm gonna clear a space in society for you and me!
— Hothead Paisan

Most of the content here is a collection of my Nihil Obstat columns from Xtra, a lesbian and gay magazine in Toronto. I stopped writing the column in early 1997, although I've written an article or two for them since. But Nihil Obstat will continue to be available here on the Web for those who get nostalgic...

I haven't yet put every column I've ever written up here, and probably never will -- many of the arts columns dealt with events that are long over, so unless they appear to have some kind of ongoing relevance, I'll probably give most of those a miss -- but the number that are online is slowly growing.

A few things worth noting:

  • On a more mundane note, I don't have any record of the headlines these columns appeared under, as those were written by the editors, not me, and I haven't really kept track of them. I've been basically making up my own headlines as I've converted these, although in at least a few cases, I did use the actual ones.

  • What I've been converting and uploading is the original versions of all these columns, before they were sent to Xtra's editors. In most cases, the differences between what you see here and the published versions are minimal, but it's worth noting nonetheless.

As with the other Wild Ideas libraries, I'm quite open to submissions from other people for inclusion here. Thus far, the Temple Library is the only one with any content not written by me, but I'm hoping that will change. If you've written, or would like to write, something you feel is appropriate for this section, please let me know!

International Women's Day
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 271, Mar 17/95
A review of Survivors: The Art of Courage
Xtra 273, Apr 14/95
Reflections on issues raised by the show
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 273, Apr 14/95
An Interview with Organizer Barbra Amesbury
Xtra 273, Apr 14/95
Reconsidering Roommates
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 275, May 12/95
Tories vs. NDP
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 277, Jun 9/95
Karla Homolka and victim feminism
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 279, Jul 7/95
Breaking Sexual Boundaries
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 281, Aug 4/95
Lap Dancing
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 283, Sep 1/95
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 285, Sep 29/95
Evolutionary Biology of AIDS
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 287, Oct 27/95
Surviving Christmas Shopping
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 289, Nov 26/95
Post-Holiday Depression
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 291, Dec 22/95
Dependence & Relationships pt. 1
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 293, Jan 19/96
Dependence & Relationships pt. 2
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 295, Feb 16/96
The Problem with Lesbian Personal Ads
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 297, Mar 15/96
Silly ABBA Hate Mail
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 299, Apr 12/96
No More Roommates!
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 301, May 10/96
Prostitute Murders in Toronto
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 303, Jun 7/96
A Queer Tour of Cyberspace
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 305, Jul 5/96
Internet Censorship
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 307, Aug 1/96
Surviving Grad School
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 309, Aug 29/96
Queer Themes in Role-Playing Games
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 311, Sep 27/96
White Pines & Werewolves
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 313, Oct 25/96
"Days of Action" in Toronto
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 315, Nov 22/96
Christmas Customs and Solstice Traditions
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 317, Dec 20/96
The Nasty Side of the Net
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 319, Jan 17/97
Saying Goodbye...
Nihil Obstat, Xtra 321, Feb 14/97


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