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Wild Ideas FAQ

The FAQ section is a work in progress - Thus far, I've got detailed FAQs up for two sections in the Temple, but for no other area of the site. However, please feel free to submit questions for any area. I will also be coming up with more questions for the other areas' FAQs in the future, as well as probably subtopics within them eventually.

Do remember, though, that this is a FAQ, not an advice column. Questions should be the sort that are likely to interest many readers, not just requests for advice on a personal situation pertaining only to you. Maybe I'll start an actual advice column someday, maybe I won't, but in any case, this isn't it.

BTW - apologies to anyone who stumbled across this FAQ in the recent past after it had been hacked. I've now upgraded to a newer version of the script that runs it, so it should no longer be vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. I'm actually working on converting the entire site over to the Drupal CMS, so everything will be changing format then, but this should hopefully keep things together for now.

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