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I'm never going to be famous. My name will never be writ large on the roster of Those Who Do Things. I don't do any thing. Not one single thing. I used to bite my nails, but I don't even do that any more.

— Dorothy Parker

Although we have been referring to ourselves as “we” in a number of places throughout this site, Wild Ideas is in fact largely the product of one individual. So yes, I suppose that means that we are technically violating Mark Twain’s famous adage that no one should refer to themselves in the first person plural except for pregnant women and people with tapeworms, neither of which we happen to be at the present moment to the best of our knowledge.

I'm not sure why — I suppose I just enjoy impersonating a collective without having to deal with actually being in one, which should tell you something about the introverted and anti-social side of my character. Eventually, I do plan to put a larger and more detailed profile of myself on this page for those who are curious, but for the time being, here are a few vital statistics (updated June 6/09, after being horribly out of date for a very long time).

  • Name: Lynna Landstreet
  • Age: 46 (although I sometimes have trouble convincing myself of that...)
  • Subcultural affinities: Pagan, environmentalist (deep ecology/EF! subspecies), recovering anarchist/burned-out ex-activist, semi-vegetarian, somewhere between lesbian and bisexual (a Kinsey 5 or so), computer geek (subspecies Macintosh, though with occasional Linux longings), dedicated RPGer (mostly World of Darkness — see Dangerous Visions). Have been known in the past to engage in performance art and other anti-social activities. Frequently accused of being a Goth, which I used to deny despite having 80% black clothing in my wardrobe and at least five times more candles than light bulbs in my apartment, but have now pretty much reached peace with.
  • Current place of residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Current occupation: Web designer. Yes, really. I get paid and everything.
  • Past occupations (a sampling): University teaching assistant, computer salesperson, graphic designer, film extra, clown, magazine columnist, and administrative staff for various non-profit associations.
  • Current academic status: Have considerably overstayed my leave of absence from the Master's program in Environmental Studies at York University, but am planning on going back sooner or later -- and thinking of presenting this website as my Major Project.
  • Past academic endeavours: Started as a women's studies major in the bilingual stream at Glendon College (York's French college) in 1983, switched to a women's studies/anthropology double major at York's main campus the following year (after toying with several other second majors including political science and psychology), then transferred to Fine Arts Studies (now-defunct interdisciplinary fine arts program) two years later. Eventually graduated in 1990 (it just couldn't be put off any longer...). Went back to school part-time in 1995, taking one course in biology and one in environmental ethics, in preparation for grad school.
  • Current political activities: Few and far between. Predominantly, this web site. But I have been known to show up to the occasional demo or meeting for one good cause or another.
  • Past political activities: too numerous to list. One-time member of the editorial collective of Kick It Over (an anarchist journal) and a zillion different small anarchist-oriented political action groups, mostly made up of variations on the same dozen or so people. Got disillusioned with that and have not considered myself an anarchist for quite some time now. Did civil disobedience three times, in 1983 (Litton Systems, cruise missile manufacturers), 1984 (Ontario Hydro, nuclear power) and 1996 (Ministry of Natural Resources, clearcutting in the Algoma Highlands).
  • Current spiritual activities: Priestess of the Wiccan Church of Canada (WCC), member of the IMBAS council, leader of Wolf Moon Coven (website very much under construction), exploring chaos magic.
  • Past spiritual activities: Discovered the Craft in 1979 and practiced solitary for a few years before discovering the WCC in 1981. Left WCC in 1984 to try to find groups more in line with my politics, had some mostly unsatisfactory contacts with Dianic Craft and radical paganism (including a very early version of Pagans for Peace), returned to WCC in 1987 after becoming burned out on activism and deciding the world wasn't about to end if everyone didn't think exactly like me. Began studying with Tamarra James in 1988, was Neophyted shortly thereafter, and Initiated in 1990. Briefly led a lesbian circle called Sapphire in the very early 90s. Also experimented a bit with Yoruba and ceremonial magick.
  • Relationship status: Became a same-sex marriage statistic in May 2004. Currently separated and en route to becoming a same-sex divorce statistic instead. So it goes. :-(
  • Astrological sign(s): Sun and Jupiter in Pisces, Moon and Venus in Capricorn, Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Leo, Virgo rising.
  • Myers-Briggs: INFP
  • Geek Code: GO d-(---) s+:+ a c++(---) !U P+ W++$>+++ N- K- w-- M++$ PS+++ PE Y+ R+(++) tv--- b+++ DI+ D- G e++>+++ h r- x?
  • Goth Code: GoGD5SB2 THSeJt5 P!SaMoPe B8/6Bk cDbr{Gr}-c7 V4 M3p1wS ZExGoClzPuo C8o a36(25) n7 b46 H175 g6T??86A mEa6No1@S6 w6T v3 r7EBIS p5597Zz D57! h5(pPe) sF0n SsYy k6Z N??94FLH RfsSp2 LcaON9
  • Grrrl Code: PA!! SF!/** TP!! F** B/F* A** Vdk!s** B** G! O!! S* K! H! DS* TF* R!! C*
  • Magick Code: MWI/PA S++ W++ N+ PCE+++/PA+ Dr A C@ G- Q++ 666 Y
  • WereCode: WFXss/CCt6 A++ I- N- H+ T- Wr++ F N+ E++++ C+c Nk? RLCT a+ cm+++ g- r+ e++++ w~ h iwf+++ p+ sf#
  • Does anyone pay any attention to those code things any more? For that matter, did they ever?


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